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ZGB-II Drawer Type Deflagration Flame Arrester

ZGB-II Drawer Type Deflagration Flame Arrester

Explosion-proof fire arresters are one of the types of fire arresters used to prevent the flame spread of flammable gases and liquids and to prevent the explosion caused by tempering.
Product Details

ZGB-II Drawer type deflagration flame arrester

Model ZGB-II is designed ro prevent propagation of flames in piping sysems.By locating the arrestor in close proximity to the potential source of ignition,any flame or explosion is confined to the immediate area. The special design of the Model ZGB-II can let you easy maintenance and easy installation.It is mounted either horizontally or vertically between two lines or used with pressure vacuum vent on storage tank.

Product features:
Replaceable element
Explosion level:IIA.IIB.IIC

Applicable materials: 
gasoline, kerosene, diesel, aromatics, sulfur, air and other petrochemical materials;

Shell material: 
WCB,LCB,HT, AL, A3, 18-8, 304, 304L, 316, 316L.

Working Pressure:
0.6 MPa-5.0 MPa , High Pressure Should Decide By Customer


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