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Hydrogen Pipeline Flame Arrestor

Hydrogen Pipeline Flame Arrestor

Storage tank explosion proof corrugated flame arrester type is to prevent external flame there is flammable gas fleeing into the equipment or prevent the spread of flame in the equipment room.
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Hydrogen Pipeline Flame Arrestor

Arrestor is a protective device which use as prevent inflammable gas,fluid's flame spread and avoid tempering cause to explosion,usually use at below conditions:
(1) transport inflammable gas and flammable gas pipeline
(2) storage petroleum and petroleum product tank
(3) with explosion insecure system vent-pipe
(4) oil and gas recycling system
(5) regenerative boiler burning gas pileline net
(6) gas engine exhaust system
(7) torch system


1.air quantity is big, sealed performance is good, small amount of leakage and corrosion resistance.

2. Operating pressure

 Grade A positive pressure: 355 Pa (36 mm Water column);

 Negative pressure: 295 Pa (30 mm Water column)

 B positive pressure: 980 Pa (100 mm Water column);

 Negative pressure: 2 9 5 Pa (30 mm Water column)

 C level positive pressure: 17 5 6 Pa (180 m water column);

 Negative pressure: 295 Pa (30 mm water column)



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