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Storage Tank Explosion Proof Corrugated Flame Arrester

Storage Tank Explosion Proof Corrugated Flame Arrester

storage tank explosion proof corrugated flame arrester type ZHQ-CZ is to prevent external flame there is flammable gas fleeing into the equipment or prevent the spread of flame in the equipment room.
Product Details

Storage Tank Explosion Proof Corrugated Flame Arrester     

The medium pass through triangle narrow channel ,arrestor also pass it prevent flame spread in the pipeline,the principle called "wall effect" mean flame and wall knocking become energy transformation ,reduce the temperature.By using this prinple design triangle hole's height to prevent flame pass .And the enough flow passage dimension can absorbed flame's heat ,make it extinguish  in the core ,avoid gas will burning again in another side under the core .

Main technology parameter:

☆Use as storage flash point lower than 60ºC petrochemical product,such as gasoline,kerosene,light diesel oil,toluene etc

☆Working temperature ≤ 180ºC

☆Body material:carbon steel,aluminum alloy,stainless steel:SUS304,SUS304L,SUS316,SUS316L

☆Arrestor core material: Stainless steel, Corrugated sheet

☆Explosion-proof level:BS5501:IIA,IIB,IIC

☆Working pressure: 0.6Mpa - 5.0Mpa, high pressure should decide by customer

Maintenance and servicing:

☆Arrestor should check every half of year,check the flame retardant layer core whether block,deformation,corrosion ect.

☆When find block flame retardant layer core should clean,insure every hole in core are unobstructed,should change the deformation,corrosion flame retardant layer.

☆Re install the fire resistant layer core parts,should ensure that the combination of surface colse not leak.




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