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Hammer Stainless Steel Flame Arrestor

Hammer Stainless Steel Flame Arrestor

Breather valve is used to install the crude oil, gasoline, kerosene, light diesel oil, aromatic hydrocarbons and other fixed roof tank safety equipment, is reduced storage tank of oil product evaporation loss and protection from damage when the overpressure or vacuum. The valve which is equipped with flame arreste.
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Hammer Stainless Steel Flame Arrestor

Explosion-proof fire arresters are one of the types of fire arresters used to prevent the flame spread of flammable gases and liquids and to prevent the explosion caused by tempering. This type of flame arrester is usually made of stainless steel strip or copper-nickel alloy, the size of which is determined by the nature of the gas and the flame velocity.

It is one of the measures to protect the drainage gas system in all coal mine gas drainage systems.

1.Working temperature:-40ºC~45ºC;

2.Working pressure:80Kpa~106Kpa;

3.Working air humidity:≤95%(25ºC);

4.Gas pressure:≤30Kpa

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