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Double Block And Bleed 3PC Trunnion Ball Valve

Double Block And Bleed 3PC Trunnion Ball Valve

Double block and bleed 3PC trunnion ball valve mainly using industrial pipeline. D.B.B Ball valve is made of two balls and two seats and one needle valve,bottom of body have drain valve. Using Forging material , one piece, two piece, three piece structure. Both side is flange ends, one side is...
Product Details


Full Bore Design

Bolt Bonnet Split Body

Three Piece Body

Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

Blow out proof stem

Anti-static Spring

Fire Safe construction

Size: 2" - 32"

Pressure:150 - 2500LB

Working temperature:-196℃ - +29℃

Material: A105, LF2, F304, F316, F316L, F304L, Alloy steel, Etc




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