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Jacket Three Way Floating Ball Valve

Jacket Three Way Floating Ball Valve

Jacket three way floating ball valve , keep warm and cold feature, valve diameter is same as pipeline and can reduce heat loss of pipeline. main suit for petroleum, chemical , medical ,food etc system. Using integral body structure, light weight, reliable seal . Jacket Three Way Floating Ball...
Product Details

Product Specification:

Nominal Diameter: 1/2" - 32" (DN15 - DN800)

Pressure Range: Class 150 - 2500 (PN16 - PN420)

Temperature: -196°C - +560°C

Body Material: WCBA105, LF2, F304, F316, F316L, F304L, Alloy steel, Etc

Operation Method: Manual, Worn gear, Electric, Pneumatic actuator

Products Description:

1. Two pieces full port standard lined ball valves offer high stability, rigidity and eliminating potential leak path.

2. Full port design minimizes pressure losses and increases flow capacities thus reducing energy and pumping costs.

3. Full bore design almost no fluid resistance, and good shut-off performance.

4. It features zero leakage, maintenance-free, one-piece stem and ball design, high sealing performance and can be used under full vacuum service.

5. Lower pressure drop and high flow characterized the efficiency of ball valves.

6. It can work as on-off or control valve.

7. It can sustain any corrosive medium in addition to the molten alkali metals and fluorine elements. It is ideal products used in chlor-alkali, industrial in organic chemicals, metal and mining, nitrogen and phosphatic fertilizers, petroleum refining, pharmaceutical, Etc.

8. Lining material: PFA, FEP, GXPO, Etc.

9. Operation methods: manual, worm gear, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic actuator.

10. Ball valves are available as per the needs of applications in additional sizes and other than standard materials.

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