Anti-condensation Butterfly Valves

Main Features: The turning center of the butterfly plate is on the center line of the valve body and the sealing face section of the butterfly plate. In closing, the ex-circle sealing face of the butterfly plate will extrude the valve seat made of synthetic rubber, generating elastic deformation...

Product Details


Body: Aluminum diecast alloy

Disc: Stainles steel

Stem: Polyphenylene sulfide lined on stainless steel core

Seat: EPDM, NBR, Silicon.

Column: Engineering plastic

Body: Urethane paints with munsell 2.5BG 6/12

Valve nominal size: 40mm to 300mm

Applicable flange standard: JIS5/10K, ANSI125/150Lb.

Design standard: JISB2032

Max. Working pressure: 1.0MPa

Working temperature range: EPDM(from20 to 120 degrees C); Silicon (from 30 to130 degrees C)

Woking temperature: EPDM(from10 to 100 degrees C); Silicon (from 30 to 130 degrees C)

Body shell test: 1.5MPa

Seat leak test: 1.1MPa

Actuator mounting flange: ISO 5211

Actuators: Lock lever, Worm gear, Vertical gear, Pneumatic cylinder, Electric motor

Face to face dimensions: ISO 5752/JIS B2032

Butterfly valves are inserted into a pipe that was fitted with the disc when fully open. In cases where you are using a pipe or flange that is less than the minimum inner pipe diameter, use is still possible if means are taken such as inserting a spacer between the valve and flange. For details, please consult us.

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