AT Controls Butterfly Valves

Main Features: For the structure of the triple-eccentricity seal butterfly valve, when the valve is under the complete open state, its butterfly plate sealing face will break away from the valve seat sealing face completely; when it is opened from 0 to 90°, the butterfly plate sealing face will...

Product Details

Products Range

Type Available: Wafer type

Size: 2" - 48" ( DN50 - DN1200)

Pressure Range: From PN1.0 to 1.6 (150LB)

Materials Standard: API DIN and etc.

Suitable Temperature: -15 - 150

Shaft: 416, 410, stainless steel.
Sealing: NBR, EPDM or customized.

Body: WCB, Cast iron, ductile ironGGG25/GGG20/GGG50

Disc: WCB, Ductile iron (nickel coated), GGG25/GGG20/GGG50/aluminum bronze, stainless steel.

Suitable Mediums: Fresh or waste water, sea water, sewage, vapor, air, oil, etc.


Main characteristics

1. Small in size and light in weight...Easy installation and maintenance. It can be mounted wherever needed.

2. Simple and compact construction, quick 90 degree on-off operation.

3. Minimized operating torque, energy saving.

4. Flow cure tending to straight line. Excellent regulation performance.

5. Long service life. Standing the test of tens of thousands opening/closing operations.

6. Bubbles-tight sealing with no leakage under the pressure test.

7. Wide selections of materials, applicable for various medium

8. Stem and disc are connected by means of pinless structure with more reliable performance.

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