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C95800 Butterfly Valve

C95800 Butterfly Valve

Main Features: The turning center of the butterfly plate is on the center line of the valve body and the sealing face section of the butterfly plate. In closing, the ex-circle sealing face of the butterfly plate will extrude the valve seat made of synthetic rubber, generating elastic deformation...
Product Details

C95800 Butterfly Valve


can be used to control the flow of various types of fluids, such as air, water, steam, various corrosive media, mud, oil, liquid metals and radioactive media.Can be used in light industry, manufacturing, etc.

Main features

1. The valve stem is a through-rod structure, which has good comprehensive mechanical properties and corrosion resistance and scratch resistance after tempering treatment. When the butterfly valve is opened and closed, the valve stem is only rotated without lifting operation, the packing of the valve stem is not easy to be damaged and the seal is reliable. It is fixed with the cone pin of butterfly plate, and the extended end is of anti-rush type, so as to prevent the valve rod from collapsing when the connecting part between the valve rod and the butterfly plate is accidentally broken.

2.The connection mode has flange connection, pair clip connection, butt welding connection and lug to clip connection.

3. The special geometric structure makes the butterfly valve free of defect that other butterfly balves are unable to be sealed will due to excessively opening, so as to gurantee good sealing of the surface.
4. The driving mode is manual, worm wheel transmission, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic linkage, etc., which can realize remote control and automatic operation.

Detailed Description


DN40 - DN1200

End flange:

ANSI B 16.1, ASTM B 16.47, EN 1092, AS 2129, ISO PN10/16, JIS B2212/2213, BS 10 Table D, BS 10 Table E

Face to face:

ANSI B 16.10

Top flange:

ISO 5211 GB

Nominal pressure:

DN40-DN600(1.5" - 24" ) PN1.0/1.6MPa(150/200PSI) DN700-DN1200(28" - 48" ) PN1.0MPa(150PSI)


Cast Iron/Ductile Iron/WCB/Carbon steel/AL-Bronze/CF8, SS304/CF8M, SS316


Ductile Iron/Ni-plated ductile iron/Nylon-plated ductile iron/AL-Bronze/Rubber lined Disc/1.2501/1.4529/CF8/CF8M/Hastelloy Alloy/Monel




NBR/Hypalon/EPDM/Neoprene/NR/Wear-Resistant EPDM/Viton/Silicon/Heat-Resistant EPDM/White EPDM/EPDM/PTFE

Suitable temperature:

Normal Temperature -45℃-150℃


Flesh water, sewage, sea water, air, vapor, food, medicine, oils, alkalis, salt etc.

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