Pneumatic Actuator Control Butterfly Valve

Main Features: For the structure of the triple-eccentricity seal butterfly valve, when the valve is under the complete open state, its butterfly plate sealing face will break away from the valve seat sealing face completely; when it is opened from 0 to 90°, the butterfly plate sealing face will...

Product Details

Products Range

Type Available: Wafer

Size:  2" - 48" ( DN50 - DN1200)

Pressure: 150LB/Mpa (1.0, 1.6, 2.0, 2.5)

Temperature: -26-135

Body: GGG40

Disc: A536-65-45-12 with Spraying Nylon

Stem: Stainless steel 420

Seat: EPDM

Materials Standard: Others on request

Suitable Mediums: fresh water, sea water, gas, oils, acids, alkalis, etc


Standard Compliance

Basic Design: ANSI/AWWA C504

Face to Face Dimension: BS5155 Short, ISO5752 (Series 13), DIN 3202 F16

Inspection & Testing: API 598,

Flanged End Dimension: ANSI B16.1


Main Characteristics:

1. compact and lightweight, easy to install and repair.
2. the structure is simple, compact
3. good adjustment performance.
4. Non internal leak.
5. open and close more than 50 thousand times still keep zero leakage.
6. sealing parts can be replaced, and sealed to achieve a two-way seal.
7. the butterfly plate can be based on user requirements of coating, such as nylon or ptfe.
8. the valve can be designed to connect to the flange and the clip connection.
9. the Power can choose, electric or pneumatic.



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