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Pneumatic Flanged Powder Butterfly Valve

Technical Parameters
Connection: Double flange or Single flange
‚ÄčNominal size: DN100 - 400mm
Nominal pressure: 1.0 MPa
Body: Die-casting aluminum alloy
Seat: NBR
Disc: WCB
Product Details

Main Features

Powder butterfly valve is developed Specifically for the application of powder media. the material of valve body is Lightweight and high pressure casting aluminum alloy, the lining of disc is Made from wear resistant polymeric material with steel core.

The disc is formed soft seal with wear resistant Rubber sealing that make it apply in powder very well, particularly for strong Wear resistant materials. In the processing system of gravity blanking or Pneumatic transmitting powder and cement, powder butterfly valves are Mounted on the hopper, silo, end of screw conveyor and gas transmission Pipeline.

There are two flanges for double flanged Powder butterfly valve, and single flanged one is equipped with an extender Connecting ring for the installation of flexible sleeve. According to the Application requirements, it can be equipped with driving lever handle or Cylinder driving kit.

Powder butterfly valve has the advantages of compact lightweight structure, strong wear resistance, long service life of Sealing, easy to installation and maintenance, etc. with industrial design and Special composite materials of valve; it is a high cost-effective cement valve.

Technical Parameters

Nominal size

DN100 - 400mm

Nominal pressure

1.0 MPa

Body material

Die-casting aluminum alloy

Seat material


Disc material

WCB with wear resistant material painted

Stem material

SS 410


Double flange or Single flange

Driving system

Manual lever, Cylinder, Pneumatic actuator or Electric actuator


Solenoid valve, Limit switch, Air filter regulator, Positioner, Handwheel

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