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BW End Dual Check Valve

BW End Dual Check Valve

Structural Feature Short structural length,only 1/4~1/8 of that of traditional flanged check valve; Low volume,light weight,only 1/4~1/20 of those of traditional flanged check valve; Quick valve disc closedown,low water hammer pressure; Applicable for and easily installed for vertical or...
Product Details

BW End Dual Check Valve

Product Range

Nominal diameter: 2" ~ 24"  (DN50 ~ DN600)

Pressure range: Class150 ~ 2500  (PN16 ~ PN1200)

Working temperature: -196~560

Body material: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Alloy steel, Bronze, etc

Operation: Hand Wheel, Gear, Electric, Pneumatic, etc

Medium: Air, Water, Oil

Main Feature

BW end dual check valve, with simple structure, manufacturing and maintenance is more convenient. The work schedule is small and the opening and closing time is short. Good sealing, small friction between sealing surfaces, long life and other characteristics.


1. Design and manufacture: API594, API 6D, JB/TB8937;

2. Face to face and end to end: API594, API6D, DIN3202, JB/T8937;
3. Pressure-temperature rating: ASME B16.34, DIN2410, GB/T9124, HG20625, SH3406, JB/T74;

4. Inspection and test: API598, JB/T9092; 

5. Pipe flange: JB/T74-90, JB/T9112-9124, ASME B16.5, DIN2543-2548, GB/T13402, API605, ASME B16.47. 


BW end dual check valve and pipe connection using welded structure. The sealing surface is not easy to wear, scratch, good sealing performance and long life. compact structure, good opening and closing, small height and convenient maintenance. It is suitable for water and steam oil pipeline with high temperature and high pressure resistance.


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