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DN1000-PN40 Wafer Type Tilting Disc Check Valve

DN1000-PN40 Wafer Type Tilting Disc Check Valve

Basic Info Model NO.:H76H Connection Form: Flange Pressure: Ordinary Pressure Flow Direction: Unidirection Application: Industrial Usage, Water Industrial Usage Deliery: 30days+ Class: 150lb~2500lb Transport Package: Sea Worthy Origin: China Material: Cast Steel Structure: Swing Sealing Form:...
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A swing check valve or tilting disc check valve is a check valve in which the disc, the movable part to block the flow, swings on a hinge or trunnion, either onto the seat to block reverse flow or off the seat to allow forward flow. The seat opening cross-section may be perpendicular to the centerline between the two ports or at an angle. Although swing check valves can come in various sizes, large check valves are often swing check valves. The flapper valve in a flush-toilet mechanism is an example of this type of valve. Tank pressure holding it closed is overcome by manual lift of the flapper. It then remains open until the tank drains and the flapper falls due to gravity. Another variation of this mechanism is the clapper valve, used in applications such firefighting and fire life safety systems. A hinged gate only remains open in the inflowing direction. The clapper valve often also has a spring that keeps the gate shut when there is no forward pressure. Another example is the backwater valve (for sanitary drainage system) that protects against flooding caused by return flow of sewage waters. Such risk occurs most often in sanitary drainage systems connected to combined sewerage systems and in rainwater drainage systems. It may be caused by intense rainfall, thaw or flood.

Basic Info

Connection Form: Flange

Specification: 2"-72"

Class: 150LB-2500LB

Pressure: Ordinary Pressure

Material: Cast Steel

Structure: Swing

Sealing Form: Bellows Globe Valve

Flow Direction: Unidirection

Application: Industrial Usage, Water Industrial Usage

Product Description

Dn1000-Pn40 Wafer Type Tilting Disc Check Valve

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