Double Flanged End Dual Plate Check Valve

Structural Feature Short structural length,only 1/4~1/8 of that of traditional flanged check valve; Low volume,light weight,only 1/4~1/20 of those of traditional flanged check valve; Quick valve disc closedown,low water hammer pressure; Applicable for and easily installed for vertical or...

Product Details

Double Flanged End Dual Plate Check Valve Description

1. Double flanged End Dual Plate Check Valve with almost the same performance as wafer type dual plate check valve, the only difference is the connection end.
2. Double flanged End Dual Plate Check Valve is applicable for various pipelines with normal pressure of PN1.O Mpa~42 Mpa, Class 150 ~ Class 2500 and normal diameter of DN15~1200mm, NPS 1/2'' ~ 48'' with temperature of -196℃ ~ 540℃ to avoid medium back flowing, the different materials selection can apply to the medium involving water,steam, oils, nitric acid, strong oxidizing medium and urea etc.
3. The installation direction of double disc swing check valve can be in horizontal or vertical, as the valve weight is light, not necessary to make bracket for the valve body.
4. Flanged dual plate check valves' disc stroke is short, the closing impact is small.
5. Smooth flow pass way and small fluid resistance.
6. Flanged double door check valves' disc have fast closing speed, the water hammer pressure will be small.
7. The length of face to face is only 1/4 or 1/8 of the traditional common check valves.

valve materials 
Body Materials: LCB,LCC,WCB, 304S.S., 316 S.S.
Spring Materials: LCB,LCC,WCB, 304S.S., 316 S.S.
Disc Materials: LCB / LCC / WCB + stellite, 304S.S., 316 S.S.
Stem Material420 S.S., LF2, F6, F304, F316

Applicable standard
Size Range: 2''~48''(DN50~DN1200)
Pressure: PN2.0 - PN26Mpa, Class 150 - Class 1500
StandardAPI 594 / API6D, ANSI, DIN, JIS
End Connection: Flange
Operate: Automatic

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