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Epdm Lined Wafer Dual Check Valve

Epdm Lined Wafer Dual Check Valve

Structural Feature Short structural length,only 1/4~1/8 of that of traditional flanged check valve; Low volume,light weight,only 1/4~1/20 of those of traditional flanged check valve; Quick valve disc closedown,low water hammer pressure; Applicable for and easily installed for vertical or...
Product Details

Epdm Lined Wafer Dual Check Valve

     Check valves can also be used to supply lines in which the pressure may rise to an auxiliary system that exceeds the system pressure. Check valves can be divided into rotating check valves (rotating according to the center of gravity) and lifting check valves (moving along the axis). The function of this type of valve is to allow only the medium to flow in one direction and to prevent the flow in the opposite direction. Usually this valve works automatically, and the disc opens under the action of fluid pressure in one direction; when the fluid flows in the opposite direction, the fluid pressure and disc self-reclosing disc act on the seat, thus cutting off the flow.

Product Range

End Connection: RF, RTJ, BW

Nominal diameter: 2" ~ 48" (DN50 ~ DN1200)

Pressure range: Class 150 ~ 900PN16 ~ PN150

Working temperature: -46℃ ~ +200

Body material: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Alloy steel, Bronze

Operation: Handwheel


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