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HDPE Flap Valve & Swing Check Valve

HDPE Flap Valve & Swing Check Valve

Quick Details:
Model Number: H74
Certification: ISO 9001/ API 6D
Standard: API, DIN, BS, EN, ISO, JIS
Size: DN80 - DN2000
Pressure: PN2.5 - PN10
Temperature: -10℃ - 80℃
Body: DI, CS, WCB, SS, etc
Seat: EPDM, Bronze, SS, etc
Application: Water, Oil, etc
Product Details

1.Caliber side: round DN300mm-2000mm square 300mm-3000mm

2.Working medium: with a ph of industrial, domestic sewage, seawater, river water, with a weak acid alkali industry, domestic sewage, seawater

3.Working temperature : ≤60°C, and according to use requirement , the maximum temperature resistance of flap valve can be designed to reach 100°C

4.Working pressure : normal pressure to 0.25Mpa

5.Seal type :lip-shape seal , hollow round pipe seal

6.Open angle of flap valve cover : >75°

7.Open when the water level inside flap valve cover is higher than outside water level by 50mm~250mm ( related to flap valve obliquity , weight and caliber size ) , and it can be designed according to the demand of the customer.

8.hardness : ≥40

9.Specific gravity: 1.6-1.9

10.Use life: more than thirty years

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