Long Type Tilting Disc Check Valve

Long Type Tilting Disc Check Valve
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Product Details

Long Type Tilting Disc Check Valve


Long Type Tilting Disc Check Valves are generally used in drip irrigation emitters and irrigation sprinklers. Composition disc valves are ideal for applications involving gritty liquids. A clapper valve is a type of check valve which is used in fire fighting. Poppet check valves find use in "macro" flow applications. Arterial check valves are used in applications requiring centrifugal pumps to prevent retrograde flow along the arterial line. They under nominal pressure of CLASS 150-2500LBS and working temperature of -29~500℃.


Quick valve disc closedown,low water hammer pressure;

Applicable for and easily installed for vertical or horizontal pipelines;

Smooth flow passageway and small fluid resistance;

Flexible action and good sealing performance;

Narrow valve travel and small closedown impact;

Integrated structure,simple and compact,in beautiful shape;

Long service life and good reliability.

Product Range

Nominal diameter: 2" - 48" (DN50 - DN1200)

Pressure range: Class150 - 2500 (PN16 - PN150)

Working temperature: -196℃ - 560℃

Body material: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Alloy steel, Bronze, etc

Main Parameter Specification

Design and manufacture: API594, API 6D, JB/TB8937;

Face to face and end to end: API594, API6D, DIN3202, JB/T8937;

Pressure-temperature rating: ASME B16.34, DIN2410, GB/T9124, HG20625, SH3406, JB/T74;

Inspection and test: API598, JB/T9092;

Pipe flange: JB/T74-90, JB/T9112-9124, HG20592-20635, SH3406, ASME B16.5, DIN2543-2548, GB/T13402.