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Titanium Alloy Wafer Dual Check Valve

Titanium Alloy Wafer Dual Check Valve

Structural Feature Short structural length,only 1/4~1/8 of that of traditional flanged check valve; Low volume,light weight,only 1/4~1/20 of those of traditional flanged check valve; Quick valve disc closedown,low water hammer pressure; Applicable for and easily installed for vertical or...
Product Details

Basic Specification

Nominal Diameter:1.5"-60"  (DN40 - DN1500)

Working Temperature:Normal Temperature

Applicable Medium:Corrosive Medium, Oil, Other, Steam, Water

Connecting Format:Flange

Flow Direction:Unidirectional

Type: Direct Connection

Application: Cut-off

Driving Mode: Automatic

Sealing Form: Flexible Seal

Material: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Alloy steel, Bronze

Structural Style: Other

Mpa: High Pressure

Detail Description


1. Design and manufacture of product according to American state standard ANSI B16.34, American petroleum institute standard API6D.
2. Small opening pressure, the disc can be opened fully with a very small pressure differential.
3. Rocker and hinge pin use inside-set design, reduces outer leakage point.
4.The body and bonnet of class 1500~Class 900 check valve is connected with stud. And the body and bonnet of class 1500~class 2500 check valve pressure seat structure to make product bulk small, weight light, seal credible.


Design & Manufacturing: API 6D& ANSI B16.34 & BS1868

Flanged End Dimension : ANSI B 16.5 Or MSS SP-44 for 26” & up

Face to Face Dimension: ANSI B 16.10

Pressure and temperature: ANSI B16.34

Testing & Inspection: API 598

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