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Wafer Dual Plate Type

Wafer Dual Plate Type

Product Details



1. Design Standard:  
API 594 、API 6D 、API 6A、J B/T8937

2. Flange Standard:  
ASME B16.5、ASME B16.47、API 605、API 6A、ISO7005、JIS2238、EN1092、GB/T 9112-9124、HG20592-20635

3. Test Standard:  
API 598、JB/T9092

4. Pressure Rating and Size: 
Class150  11/2”-80”(40-2000mm)、Class300  11/2”-60”(40-1500mm)、Class600  11/2”-48”(40-1200mm)、Class900  2”-48”(50-1200mm)、Class1500  2”-24”(50-600mm)、Class2500  2”-16”(50-400mm)、3000PSI  21/16-203/4”、 5000PSI  21/16-203/4”、 10000PSI  21/16-11”
JIS 10K  50A-1200A、JIS20K  50A-900A、JIS 30K  50A-400A、PN10/PN16  DN50-1600mm、PN25  DN50-1200mm、PN40  DN50-600mm、PN63  DN50-400mm、PN100  DN50-400mm

5.   Material Standard: 
ASTM A216 WCB/WCC、ASTM A105、ASTM A352 LCC/LCB 、ASTM A350 LF2、ASTM 217 CA15、WC6、WC9 、C5、C12、CF8、CF3M、CF3、CF8C、CN7M、F304、F316L、F304L、F321、F51、F53、F55、F6a、F11、F22、ASTM A890 GR4A、5A、6A、ASTM A494  CW6MC、M35、ASTM B148 C95500、C95800、UNS S31254、UNS N26625、Hastelloy、Ti

Structural Feature

1. Long life span, high reliability.

2. Easy flow, little flow resistance.

3. Compact structure, beautiful design.

4. Can be installed vertically or horizontally.

5. Quick in closing, small in water hamper.

6. Quick reaction, good seal performance.

7. Short in Stroke, small in closing impact.

8. Short in Length, the face to facet is only 1/4~1/8 of the standard one.

9. Small in size and light in weight, the weight is only 1/4~1/20 of the normal one.

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