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Wafer Type Spring Check Valve

Wafer Type Spring Check Valve

H71-type wafer lift check valve Small valve stroke is short,compact disc,and a spring assisted closure,off valve fast
Product Details

 Check valves allow flow in one direction and automatically prevent flow in the opposite direction.
Δ This  valve  is  mainly  used  in  the fluid system  containing  strong  oxidative  mediums,  like water supply system, heat  supply system  and  acid system  etc. It is always used as  accessory of  boilers.  
It has exquisite  profile  and  simple  structure.  Its  spring  device  functions  to  speed  up the closing movement  of the disc so as to  eliminate  water  hammer. This valve is very suitable for space-limited locations.

1) Size: 1/2" - 8" (DN15 ~ DN200)
2) Pressure: PN1.0Mpa ~ 4.0Mpa (Class150 ~ 300)
3) Medium applicable:  Water, Steam, Oil, Corrosive & oxydizing mediums containing nitric acid and urea etc.


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