Forged Steel Y Type Check Valve

Design and manufacture conform to ASME B16.34,MSS SP-118 Connection ends conform to: 1.Socket welded ends conform to ANSI B16.11,JB/T1751 2.Screw ends conform to ANSI B1.20.1,JB/T7306 3..Butt-welded ends conform to ANSI B16.25,JB/T12224 Test and inspection conform to :API 598,GB/T13927,JB/T9092 Structure features:Bolted bonnet,Welded bonnet,Pressure seal bonnet

Product Details

Y Type Check Valve

Main Parameter Specification

Design and manufacture conform to ASME B16.34, MSS SP-118

Connection ends conform to:

1.Screw ends conform to ANSI B1.20.1, JB/T7306

2.Butt-welded ends conform to ANSI B16.25, JB/T12224

3.Socket welded ends conform to ANSI B16.11, JB/T1751

Test and inspection conform to API 598, GB/T13927, JB/T9092

Structure features: Bolted bonnet, Welded bonnet Pressure seal bonnet

Product Range



Pressure range:


Working temperature: 


Suitable medium:

Water, Steam, Oil products, Nitric acid, Acetic acid

Body material:

Carbon steel, Stainless   steel, Alloy steel, Bronze

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