Carbon Steel Bolted Bonnet Flanged Gate Valve

Design and Manufacture:Cast Steel Gate Valve to API 600(ISO 10434)、API 6D;Cast Stainless Steel Gate Valve to API 603、API 600 Inspection and Test:API598,API600 or API 6D End Flange Dimension:ASME B16.5(for NPS≤24,ASME B 16.47 series B,API 605,ASME B16.47 A Series, MSS SP-44(for NPS>24) BW end Dimension:ASME B16.25 Face to Face and End to End:ASME B16.10 Pressure-temperature ratings:ASME B16.34

Product Details

Brief Introduction

The series of gate valves include cast steel gate valve and forged steel gate valve. They are designed and manufactured according to ANSI B16.34. With solid wedge and flexible wedge, so it can be used for different pressures. Gate valves have back seal. Back seal of forged-steel gate valve is weld with stainless steel. So it has perfect sealing. Its maintenance is convenient. Widely used in petroleum,chemistry,water treatment industries.


Product Range

End Connection: RF,RTJ, BW

Nominal diameter: 2" ~ 36" (DN50 ~ DN900)

Pressure range: Class 150 ~ 900 (PN16 ~ PN150)

Working temperature: -29℃ ~ +560

Body material: Carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel

Operation: Hand wheel, Gear, Electric Actuator, etc


Applications Standard
-Design Acc : ANSI B16.34
-Face to face dimension: ANSI B 16.10
-Flange dimension: ANSI B 16.5.MSS-SP-44

-Inspection &Testing Acc : API 598. API 6D

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