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Electric Motor Drived Flanged Gate Valve

Electric Motor Drived Flanged Gate Valve

Technical Parameters
Nominal Diameter: 50 – 1600 mm
Nominal Pressure: 0.25 – 6.4 Mpa
Working Temperature: -29℃ - +420℃
Material: WCB, WCC, WC6, WC9, C5, C12, CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, CN7M, LCB, LCC, etc
Medium: Oil, Air, Steam, Water, etc
Operation Type: Electric, Pneumatic, Manual
Product Details


Gate valves is one of the most common open or close the valve, the use of the gate is up and down to work full open and full close to block fluid in the pipeline.

The gate is usually wedge shaped. When the valve is wide open, the gate is fully drawn up into the valve, leaving an opening for flow through the valve the same size as the pipe in which the valve is installed. Therefore, there is little pressure drop or flow restriction through the valve.

Structure Description:

1. Two side of valve ends are flange bolts connection structure.

2. Sealing surface of seat bead welding with the iron and chromate nickel stainless steel, have a good performance on wear resistance and scratch resistance.

3. There is nitriding process on Stem surface to resistance corrosion, has good corrosion resistance and scratches resistance .

4. The valve open or close operation are controlled by the electric device which installed on the head of valve. Electric device equipped with electric motor, reduction gearbox, torque control device, travel control device, the site operation device, and hand-electric switching mechanism.

The valve working are control by the travel control device. when the travel control device is failure in the case, torque limit device can stop the motor, protects the valve. The valve operation by electric device ,the adjustable wedge double disc, grip ring and other parts, drive the stem up and down in the valve body.

5. Electric devices can local operate, and also can remote control in the central room.

Main Parameter Specification:

Design and ManufactureAPI 6D, ASME B16.34 (BS5351), API 608, MSS-SP-72

Face to Face DimensionASME B16.10, API 6D

Flange Connection DimensionASME B 16.5

BW Connection DimensionASME B16.25

Test and InspectionAPI 598, API 6D

Fire-Safe Design: API 607 / 6FA

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