High Pressure Globe Valve KSB Design Globe Valve

Main Parameter Specification Design and manufacture conform to BS 5352,ANSI B16.34 Connection ends conform to: 1.Butt-welded ends conform to ANSI B16.25,JB/T12224 2.Flanged ends conform to ANSI B16.5,JB79 Test and inspection conform to :API 598,GB/T13927,JB/T9092 Structure features:Bolted...

Product Details

High pressure globe valve KSB design Globe Valve

High pressure globe valve, also known as shutter, is one of the most widely used valves. The reason why it is popular is that the friction between close covers is small, durable, the opening height is not large, the manufacture is easy, and the maintenance is convenient. It is not only suitable for medium and low pressure, but also suitable for high pressure. Its closing principle is that depending on the pressure of the valve bar, the disc sealing surface and the seat sealing surface are tightly glued to prevent the flow of the medium.

Applicable Standards:

1) Design and manufacture: BS1873, ANSI B16.34
2) Test and inspection: API598
3) Face to face dimensions: ANSI B16.10
4) Flanged end: ANSI B16.5
5) Butt-welding end: ANSI B16.25
6) Other standards (DIN, BS, JIS) is also available upon request


Detail Information:

Size:2" to 24"
Standard or Nonstandard:API 602
Structure:forged steel globe valve
Pressure:150LB to 2500LB
Operation:Handwheel or Gear
Temperature of Media:-29℃- 200℃
Media:Crude Oil, Natural Gas, etc
Port Size:1 inch globe valve
Application:hot oil, crude oil

Material Option:  

Carbon steel  A216 Gr. WCB, WCC, WCA, etc
Low temperature steelA352 Gr. LCB, LCC, LC1, etc
Cr-Mo steelA217 Gr. WC6, WC9, C5, C12, C12A, etc
Stainless SteelA351 Gr. CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, CF8C, etc
Alloy steelCN7M alloy 20, CN3M alloy 20 modified, CT15C, etc
Super duplexA995 Gr. 4A, 5A, CE8MN, CD6MN, CD3MN, etc
Aluminum bronzeB148 C95500, C95600, C95800, etc
MonelM30C, M35-1, CZ100, etc
InconelCY40 inconel 600, etc
HastelloyCW2m Hastelly C4, N12MV Hastelloy B, CW12MW Hastelloy C276, etc
IncoloyCU5MCuC Incoloy 825, CW6MC Incoloy 625, etc


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