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API Cast Steel Flanged Fabricated Basket Strainer (BS02)

Dec 14, 2017

Product Description

DIN strainer
DIN Strainer Flanged Type
Certificate Through: ISO9000, ISO14001, CE, API, KS, GOST
Filter: SS304
Face to Face: DIN3202-F1
Flange: DIN2532/2533
Size: 2" - 36", DN15 - DN900

Pressure: Class 150 - Class 2500

Body: Ductile iron GGG500-7 or Cast Iron GG25

Screen: 304 Stainless Steel
Gasket: Synthetic Fiber ( Asbestos Free)
Plug: Ductile iron GGG500-7 or Cast Iron GG25
Bolt: Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel
Stand Ard: DIN3202 F1
Suitable media: Water, oil and gas
Operation:  Manual, Gear, Pneumatic, etc