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C95800 Triple Offset Lug Butterfly Valve

Apr 08, 2020

          Three eccentric butterfly valve series is the newly-developed long-life and energy-saving products. The sealing is metal to metal, which couldbe changed to be seal ring to metal, stainless steel plate and composite graphite to metal. Under the working condition of high temperature and high pressure, it still has a stable sealing performance. Our company adopts optimization design and new technology, so that the torque is small, gainning the point of energy-saving, labor-saving and reliable sealing performance, thus to ensure the high-reliability of corrosion-resistantance, stand fire and wear-resistantance. This product is widely used in petroleum, natural gas, piped gas and medicine, food industry, industrial environmental water treatment and shipping industry.


1.Designed with bidirectional sealing structure,the installation of electric high performance butterfly valve will not be restricted by the direction of the fluid.

2.Since the metal sealed high performance butterflyl valve is offered with self-sealing device,reliable sealing performance can be realized under the pressure from medium.

3.Powerful specific pressure of sealing can be obtained the valve is installed on the direction in opposite to that of the fluid.The pressure acts on the valve seat of the bidirectional rotary ball valve. The contact area of the point action is annular

4.The high performance butterfly valve has long service life due to wear compensation.

5.The unique rotational structure  ,as well as the sphere-conical sealing surface of the valve seat,makes for the cleaning function the solid particle will be crushed when the electric operated bidirectional rotary ball valve is opened or closed.


Wafer or Lug Style

Cast Carbon, Stainless or Alloy Steel

Other sizes and classes available on request

Design Features

Upper and Lower Bearings to maximize valve life

Integral ISO mounting pad for easy valve operation no bracket needed

Each valve is shell and seat pressure tested per industry standard API 598

Available in Wafer and Lug styles

Seat Materials: Multiple seat materials available.


Municipal Engineering

Circulating water system

Water treatment system   

Fire extinguisher system