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Cast Steel Flanged Foot Valve Bottom Valve

Apr 17, 2020

The bottom valve, also known as the reverse stop valve, is a low pressure plate valve, whose function is to ensure the single flow of liquid in the suction pipe, so that the pump works normally when the pump stops working for a short time, so that the liquid can not return to the water source box, and the suction pipe is filled with liquid to facilitate the start of the pump.

The foot valve or bottom valve, is actually a kind of check valve, plays the role of preventing water backflow. The bottom valve can be divided into plastic type bottom valve and metal type bottom valve according to material, also can be divided into ordinary bottom valve and bottom valve with backwash water flow.

The bottom valve is a kind of energy saving valve, which is usually installed at the bottom end of the underwater suction pipe of the pump, which limits the liquid in the pump pipe to return to the water source, and has the function of only entering and leaving. The bonnet has a number of inlet and reinforcement bars, played a difficult to plug, mainly used in the pumping line. the role of waterways and supports. Caliber with single, double, multi-lobe type with flange connections and threaded connections. Other names: internal thread lift bottom valve-bottom valve, suction valve, water filter valve, lotus canopy head; lift bottom valve-flange bottom valve; rotary bottom valve-flange rotary bottom valve