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Detonation Flame Arrester in Gas Pipeline

Jun 18, 2020

Detonation Flame Arrester in Gas Pipeline

Fire Arrestor is a protective device which use as prevent inflammable gas,fluid's flame spread and avoid tempering cause to explosion,usually use at below conditions:
(1) transport inflammable gas and flammable gas pipeline;
(2) storage petroleum and petroleum product tank;
(3) with explosion insecure system vent-pipe;
(4) oil and gas recycling system;
(5) regenerative boiler burning gas pileline net;
(6) gas engine exhaust system;
(7) torch system.

The general selection principle:

1. Selected flame arrester, its safe fire resistance speed should be greater than the flame propagation speed that can be achieved in the installation position.

2. The flame propagation speed of combustible gas pipeline connected to the burner, in the absence of other tempering prevention facilities should be set flame arrester 

3. to prevent the spread of with subsonic flame, resistance type detonation flame arrester should be used, the installation position should be close to the fire

4. Flame-resistant flame arresters shall be used to prevent flame propagation at sonic or supersonic speeds and shall be installed far from the source of fire