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DIN Standards Bellows Seal Globe Valve

Dec 10, 2017

Product Description

Bellows Seal Globe Valve is a new kind of globe valves with dual-seal. So its sealing is very good. The sealing surface is bead welding with hard alloy and the stem surface is in"nitrogen treatment". Hence it is the valve of attrition-resistant, good anti-corrosion performance and long service life.

Model NO.: WJ41H

Nominal Diameter: 1/2′′-28′′

Nominal Pressure: 1.6MPa, 2.5MPa.4.0MPa

Material: Stainless Steel,WCB

Structure: Through Way Globe Valve

Stem Thread Position: Inside Screw Stem Globe Valve

Sealing Form: Bellows Globe Valve

Connection Type: Flange, Welding

Actuator: Manual, Electric, Pneumaticetc

Application: Petrochemical, Power Plant, Steel Mill, Plastic and Paper industries

Standard: DIN, GB

Origin: China