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Flame Arrester Ventilation Cap

Apr 23, 2020

Flame Arrester Ventilation Cap

The top cap of the fire-resistant air-permeable cap adopts refractory aluminum plate, and the shell is cast aluminum. Both stainless steel corrugated plate and aluminum corrugated plate meet the technical requirements of the cb-5908-2005. When the tank material expands or enters oil, it exhausts outward through the flame-proof core corrugated plate. When oil is released from the tank, inhale into the tank and prevent and eliminate all sources of fire from passing through to ensure the safety of the tank.

Installation method:

The breathable cap is installed vertically on the top of the tank. 

Repair and maintenance: 

It should always check the air permeability of the flame-proof corrugated board of the air-permeable cap to ensure good fire resistance and air permeability. unscrew the screws on the air-permeable cap cover during inspection, and loosen the fixed fire-proof core screws, remove the fire-proof core, and check whether the fire-proof core is blocked, deformed or corroded. Clean or replace the flame retardant core immediately if found, check twice a month.