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Forged Steel Y Type Globe Valve

Dec 08, 2017

Globe valve including cast steel globe valve, forged steel globe valve, stainless steel globe valve and other types. RONZE cut-off valve the design and the manufacture conforms to API602 and ASME B16.34. Examination and test according to API 598, mark according to MSS-SP-25.

Basic Info

Actuator: Manual

Structure: Through Way Globe Valve

Stem Thread Position: Outside Screw Stem Globe Valve

Standard: ANSI

Seal Surface: Wedge Gate Valve

Material: Carbon Steel

Sealing Form: Gland Packings Globe Valve

Application: Industrial Usage

Thread Position of Valve Rod: Inside Gate Valve

Connection Form: Thread

Specification: ANSI, API

Product Description

Below uses the structure
Full bore or reducing
Ming Ganzhi posture (OS&Y)
The self-centering clamp presses the model
The bold fastening, twines the filling piece sealed type valve cover, the nut connection, all welds the sealed type valve cover as well as the screw joint intrinsic pressure from the tight valve cover
In integral type seal place
Receives the spigot end to conform to ASME B16.11
The thread coupling end (NPT) conforms to ANSI/ASME B1.20.1
Related pressure