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Gravel Flame Arrester

May 12, 2020

Repair And Maintenance Principle:

1)In order to ensure the performance of the fire arrester to achieve the purpose of use, before installing the fire arrester, we must carefully read the instructions provided by the manufacturer, and carefully check whether the sign is consistent with the requirements of the installed pipeline.

2)The flow direction mark on the arrester must be consistent with the flow direction of the medium. 

3)The fire arrester should be checked every six months. Check the fire resistance layer for defects such as blockage, deformation or corrosion.  

4)The blocked fire resistance layer should be cleaned to ensure the smooth flow of each hole, for deformation or corrosion of the fire resistance layer should be replaced.  

5)When cleaning the core of fire arrester, high pressure steam, non-corrosive solvent or compressed airrosive solvent or compressed air, and must not be brushed with sharp hardware.  

6)When reinstalling the fire resistance layer, the gasket should be updated and confirmed that the sealing surface is clean and no damage, and no air leakage is allowed.