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Tilting Disc Double Flanged Type Check Valve

Jul 28, 2020

Tilting Disc Double Flanged Type Check Valve

Tilting Disc Buffering Check Valve of the sealing surface is declined against the outlet with small dropping angle to reduce the vibration meanwhile there is buffering device in the body which can buffer by the flow to prevent the pump from turning back and super-high water hammer pressure.


Δ Simple and compact structure. 

Δ Light weight 

Δ Smooth running without vibration and noise.

Δ Easy assembly and maintenance

Δ Reliable sealing performance.

Δ Zero leakage tightness with 20000 times on&off service life.

Δ Minimized resistance with streamline structure

Δ Offset structure, with optimal face to face length which reduces flow resistance and eliminate pressure surge.