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Y Type Pressure Seal Bonnet Forged Steel Globe Valve

Apr 10, 2020

           Stop valve (Globe valve) is a plug - shaped disc the sealing surface is flat or conical, the disc along the center line of the fluid for linear motion. The movement of the valve stem, there are lifting rod type (stem lifting, hand wheel not lifting), also have lifting rotary rod type (hand wheel and valve stem together rotation lifting, nut on the valve body). Globe valves are only suitable for full open and full close, not for adjustment and throttling. It refers to the globe valve with its stem and passageway forming an certain angle, and its seat sealing face and inlet and outlet passageways forming a certain angle. Its left and right valve bodies are separated by the valve seat which can be replaced by removing the bolt connecting the two valve bodies. A erosion-proof and corrosion-resisting guard plate equipped within the valve cavity can protect the valve body from being flushed, corroded by the medium at the moment of opening the valve, and is characterized as high abrasion-resisting and erosion-proof. 

     Globe valve belong to mandatory sealed valve, so the valve closed e69da5e6ba907a6431333238643664 when closed, must be pressure on the disc, to force a sealing surface does not leak. When the medium from below the disc into the valve 6, the operation force to overcome the resistance, is the friction force of the stem and packing and by the pressure of the medium produced by the thrust, the force of the valve is greater than the force of the valve, so the diameter of the stem should be large, otherwise the stem bending failure. In recent years, from the emergence of the valve seal, the flow of media of the globe valve is changed from the top of the disc into the valve chamber, then under the action of media pressure, the force of closing the valve is small, and the force of opening the valve is large, the diameter of the stem can be correspondingly reduced. At the same time, under the action of the medium, this form of valve is also more stringent.

     The type of globe valve according to the position of stem thread is divided into external thread type, internal thread type. According to the flow direction of the medium, there are straight, straight and Angle. Globe valve according to the sealing form, there are packing seal globe valve and bellows seal globe valve.