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What are the common problems encountered in the use of a flame arrester

Oct 29, 2019

What are the common problems encountered in the use of a flame arrester ?

As an indispensable fire fighting device in engineering construction equipment, fireproof device can effectively prevent the spread of fire and play an important role in promoting the safe environment. In order to reduce the production risk and prevent potential safety risks, today we will tell you the common problems of using arrester for reference!

1. The fire control room sends, there is no fire gate on the wall of the return air pipe. The purpose of fire prevention equipment is to ensure the fire safety of the fire control room, but in the audit, it is found that some of the projects are planned to send drawings on the control room, and there is no fire brake when returning to the air duct on its wall.

2. The function of smoke and smoke control equipment flickering on fire fighting equipment is not perfect. According to the provisions of Article 6.3.9 of gb50116-98, it is necessary to stop the air conditioning and gas supply in the relevant parts, close the power supply fire gate and receive the response signal, together with the smoke exhaust fan, exhaust valve and other related parts, receive the response signal.

3. There is no pneumatic arrester in the gas pipeline system. Article of gb50116-98 states: "during the extension period, fire doors and windows and intermittent ventilation and air conditioning systems shall be automatically closed, and the relevant parts of fire prevention equipment shall be closed. This requires that the necessary equipment in the network gas recovery system has pneumatic arrester, and links with fire fighting equipment.

4. Air supply and exhaust ventilation pipes do not need remote control. In some basement and parking lot air conditioning and exhaust pipes, it is found that the smoke exhaust valve and the stop valve in front of the smoke exhaust machine can only be operated manually on the spot, and the remote control of the control room can not be realized. In the event of fire, the scene personnel are required to close the fan valve at the scene, which directly affects the exhaust system. It is suggested that the remote control function should be increased by cutting off the valve.