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Application And Maintenance Of Hard Sealed Butterfly Valve

Nov 20, 2019

Application and maintenance of hard sealed Butterfly Valve

In terms of the appearance of the hard-sealing butterfly valve, the structure is simple, and the component parts are less, and the volume is relatively light in terms of volume. Such an appearance structure and volume make it more widely used in a pipe system. In order to make it possible to work better, how should it be carried out during its constant use? The maintenance of the hard seal butterfly valve is simple, as long as the following work is done.

In daily use, the cleaning of the hard-seal butterfly valve should be maintained, which is more smooth and more efficient, that is, it appears to be relatively comfortable. In case of a fault in the process of use, the operation shall be stopped in time, and the cause of the failure shall be checked and properly solved. In the choice of the working environment, there is also a certain requirement, for example, due to the material of the structure, for some high-temperature and high-pressure environment, the work of the hard-sealing butterfly valve will be affected, so it is better not to work in these circumstances. And during use, the sealing surface should be avoided to be eroded, which can accelerate the wear of the hard seal butterfly valve.

As long as the above points of hard seal butterfly valve maintenance, its application will be relatively simple, and the service life will be longer.