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Ball Valve Mainly Used To Cut Off

Jan 04, 2018

Ball Valve Mainly Used To Cut Off

Jan 4, 2018

The ball valve is mainly used in the pipeline to cut, distribute and change the direction of flow of the media, it only needs to rotate 90 degrees of operation and a small turning torque can be closed tight. Ball valve is most suitable for the switch, cut off the valve to use, V-type ball valve. In addition to the valve should pay attention to the pipeline parameters, should pay special attention to the use of environmental conditions, because the electric valve in the electric device is a mechanical and electrical equipment, its use of its use by the environment greatly affected.

Stainless steel flange ball valve implementation of standards:

1. Design and Manufacture: GB12237-89, API608, API 6D, JPI 7S-48, BS5351, DIN3357.

2. Flange Size: JB/T74-90, GB9112-9131, HGJ44-76, SH3406, ANSI B16.5, JIS B2212-2214, NF E29-211, DIN2543.

3. Structural Length: GB12221-89, ANSI B16.10, JIS B2002, NF E29-305, DIN3202.

4. Test and Inspection: JB/T 9092, API 598.

Stainless steel flange ball valve installation instructions:

1) Remove the flange on both sides of the protective cover, the valve is fully open in the state of cleaning and cleaning.

2) Before installation should be in accordance with the provisions of the signal (electricity or gas) for machine testing (to prevent the vibration caused by the use of transport performance), qualified before the on-line installation (wiring by electric actuator circuit diagram).

3) Ready to be connected with the pipeline before the need to rinse and remove the remaining impurities in the clean pipe (these substances may damage the seat and the ball).

4) During installation, do not use the actuator part of the valve as lifting point to avoid damage to the actuator and accessories. 

5) This type of valve should be installed in the horizontal or vertical direction of the pipeline.

6) The installation point near the pipeline can not be low or bear the phenomenon of external force, you can use the pipe support or support to eliminate the deviation of the pipeline.

7) Connect with the pipe, please use the specified torque cross-locking flange connection bolts.