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Butterfly Valve Proper Use Of

Sep 03, 2016

Butterfly valve is in fully open position, the thickness of the disc is the resistance of the medium flowing through the valve body only, generated by the valve of the pressure drop is small, it has a better flow control characteristics. Butterfly valve with elastic sealing and metal seals two kinds of sealed type. Resilient seal valves, seals can be mounted on or attached to the disc of the valve body around. Valve seal is used generally live longer than Elastic sealing of valves, but it is difficult to be completely sealed. Metal seals can adapt to high temperature, flexible seal has a temperature limit of the defect. If a butterfly valve used as a flow control is required, major is the correct choice of sizes and types. The structural principle of the butterfly valve is particularly suitable for large diameter valves.

Butterfly valves are not only in the oil, gas, chemicals, water treatment and other widely used in industry, but also for cooling water system of thermal power station. Butterfly valves are commonly used for inserting type butterfly's valve and flanged butterfly valves in two ways. Wafer type butterfly valves are valves with a stud is available in between two pipe flanges and flanged butterfly valves are valves with flanged and bolted flanged connections at both ends on the valve in the pipeline flanges. The strength properties of the valve is the valve's ability to withstand pressure. Valve is subjected to internal pressure of mechanical products, which must have sufficient strength and rigidity to ensure the long-term use without cracking or deformation.