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Cast Iron /Ductile Iron Y-Strainer (JIS-10K)

Apr 14, 2020

Y - Strainer  working principle: 

Y-Strainer is the fluid medium in the pipe system to the indispensable filter device Y type filter is usually installed in a reducing valve pressure reducing valve globe valve (such as indoor heating piping water supply side) or other equipment inlet side, remove the medium foreign body, protect the normal use of the valve or equipment Y type filter of advanced structure, small resistance, convenient.

Y - Strainer is mainly composed of over head mesh flanges flanges and fasteners, etc when liquid through head into the filter basket, the solid impurity particles be truncated in blue filter, clean fluid through the basket from the filter outlet .

In order to improve its strength, basket filter mesh made into a cylinder shape, more strong than single-layer network, and Y interface can unscrew the bottom flange cover, on a regular basis to the sedimentary particle impurities in the filter basket to clear.

Y - Strainer structure and matters needing attention: 

1)The central part of the filter is the filter core, the filter consists of filter boxes and stainless steel wire mesh, stainless steel wire mesh is easily damaged parts, need special protection filters work after a period of time, 

2)The impurities in the certain filter core, the pressure drop increases, the velocity will decline, need to quickly remove the impurities in the filter core.

3)When removing impurities, it is necessary to pay attention to the stainless steel screen on the filter element can not be deformed or damaged, otherwise the installation of filters, filter purity can not meet the design requirements, compressor pump equipment will be destroyed.

4)If the stainless steel wire mesh is found deformed or damaged, it should be replaced immediately.


liquids, steams, gases or mixtures