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Causes Of Valve Body Leakage

Jun 28, 2019

Main Cause 

(1)there are foreign bodies or mild wear on the sealing surface of the valve.

(2) the use of improper operation, resulting in poor contact with the sealing surface. 

(3) the valve body has casting trachoma and cracks.

(4) the valve stem has bending, the upper and lower sealing surface is not correct to the center line.

(5) the valve body and cover are loose or the valve cover pad is damaged.

Preventive measure

1. although the valve sealing surface has slight wear, it can be repaired by the removal, but the family is generally not easy to repair, so it is recommended to replace the valve with the same model and specification. 

2. If the leakage is caused by improper use, it can be repeatedly opened and closed several times until it is closed tightly. 

3. The valve body is provided with cast trachoma and crack. It is possible that the valve body is cracked or the gland is damaged due to excessive force when the valve body is not carefully inspected or installed before installation, and the new valve shall be replaced and re-installed.

4. if the valve rod is slightly bent, the valve body and the valve cover loose or the valve cover pressure pad are damaged, and the replacement and repair can be carried out. 

5. If the valve core is blocked, firstly open the valve, and tap the valve body with a rubber hammer or a wooden stick until the impurities are discharged.