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Check Valve Can Better Maintain The Service Life Of The Main Equipment

Jan 16, 2018

Check valve is also known as single flow valve, its role is to ensure that the flow of media in the pipeline and not back. It can help us to prevent high-pressure water backflow into the pump, so as to prevent accidents, can better maintain the service life of the main equipment, although the check valve is very small but there is a great use, it is a specific production work necessary. Therefore, in the selection must be integrated into the needs of the content, combined with different types of check valve characteristics to choose.

Check valve opening and closing is dependent on the media flow force to open and close. Check valve belongs to the automatic valve product, check valve only allows the medium to flow in one direction of the pipeline use, to prevent the phenomenon of backflow of the media. Its wide range of use, can be used in large-caliber, all kinds of media, power station high-pressure system.

Check valve open is to rely on the media to flow to the opening of the disc, the same reason the media back to push the disc closed, check valve also known as the reverse valve, valve, countercurrent valve and back pressure valve. Many belong to the automatic valve, the main function is to prevent the backflow of the media, to prevent the pump and drive motor reversal and container media release use. It is also used for safety protection in auxiliary systems where the pressure may rise above the system pressure.

The check valve is used in the sewage hoist, which can solve the problems caused by the backflow of sewage. A drainage pipe with a check valve can prevent the backflow of the water from damaging the equipment and reduce the storage capacity of the equipment.

The purpose of the sewage hoist is to pump the water through the pump with the strong pressure that cannot be discharged through the gravity flow, and is used in the basement building. The basement sewage is pumped through the drain pipe to the upper or nearby sewer. However, after the sewage hoist stopped running, some of the sewage in the drainage pipe was not pressure to begin to return, because the sewage pipe is generally vertical upward, the backflow generated pressure is enormous, if the sewage directly into the equipment, it is likely to damage the equipment. The solution to the backflow problem is to install a check valve in the sewer.

Now check valve as one of the most commonly used equipment in life, its working principle relies on the flow of the media itself to open and close. It can help us to prevent high-pressure water backflow into the pump, so as to prevent accidents, can better maintain the service life of the main equipment. There are many types and specifications on the market check valve, only when we understand the scope of the check valve, the type of check valve can be purchased to match its own requirements.

I. For pipe FLUID cutting

The disc is a valve that slides along the centerline of the valve body, the pipe-type check valve is a new valve which specializes in the cut off of the flowing liquid of the pipe; check valve of small weight and light, good processing technology, this quality check valve is one of the development direction of check valve. And with the changing needs of this type of check valve will be a wide range of applications, the effect will be more significant, through the continuous upgrading of quality, believe that the pipeline check valve will become the most new technology check valve, greatly enhance its comprehensive use of energy efficiency.

II. Gas cut-off

This valve can also be used as a boiler feedwater and steam cut-off valve, it has a lift-type check valve and a stop valve or a comprehensive function of the angle valve, is a professional clip check valve. This is a universal unidirectional fluid valve. Its light weight, small size, the valve is composed of two semicircular springs and plate surfaces, fixed on the valve body with pegs, the spring deformation can make the valve plate closed, the fluid pressure is opened, because the spring deformation is very fast, this can protect the pipeline from water hammer damage, thus improving the service life of the pipeline.