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Check Valve Regular Inspection

Sep 26, 2017

     Should be stored in the dry and ventilated indoor, to do moisture, rain, rust-proof. The opening and closing parts of the monthly transportation should be in the closed device while the following work should be done: the disc should be fixed in the open position, and the port shall be plugged with a foam plate at both ends of the path, and the ports must be tightly sealed with a stuffy cover, dustproof and rust-proof, keep the channel clean and the end face flat, and the cylinder parts shall be properly protected, shockproof and tamper-proof, The pneumatic drive device faces up and must not be squeezed against each other.Check Valve

     Long-term placement should be checked periodically. Every three months on the two-channel, sealing surface of dirt and rust, welding the protection of the status of inspection, wipe dirt and rust, after brushing anti-rust oil to protect. Swing Check valve installation and use: Before the installation should be done: To remove the swing check valve at both ends of the door and foam board, clean the inner cavity, remove grease; remove grease from the disc surfaceCheck Valve

     The media flow must be limited during installation, and the media through the pipe should not have hard particles, In order to avoid damage to the cover; swing check valve before the factory to the table for inspection and test qualified, installation units can be direct pressure test or installation use.Check Valve

    The barrier-type check valve is applied to the piping which is easy to produce the water hammer, the barrier can be a good way to eliminate the water when the medium countercurrent occurs, it is usually used in the low-pressure pipe, especially in the water pipe, the same as the usual temperature between the -12--120℃, things pressure of 1. 6MPa, but the barrier-type check valve can do larger caliber, DN can reach more than 2000mm;Check Valve