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Common Faults Of Check Valve

Jul 11, 2019


Check valve belongs to automatic valve category, which is mainly used in one-way flow pipe of medium. Only the medium is allowed to flow in one direction to prevent accidents. Usually, the fluid opens the valve disc under pressure and flows from the inlet side to the outlet side.

Common faults 

1. disc broken;

2. media backflow. The reason for the valve breaking is that the dielectric pressure before and after the check valve is in a state of close balance and mutual "pull saw". The valve plate often beats with the valve seat, and the valve plate made of some brittle materials (such as cast iron, brass, etc.) is broken. 


The preventive method is to use the valve as a ductile material check valve.

Reason for media backflow

1. Sealing surface damaged;

2.Repair the sealing surface and remove impurities to prevent backflow.