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Components For Dual Plate Check Valve

Sep 05, 2017

     The check valve of the water hammer can be eliminated or alleviated by using the medium self pressure control and a delay closure. The slow closed check valve group is composed of the following components (along the flow direction), A, pressure gauge, B, flexible rubber flexible joint or pipe telescopic, C, transition, D, slow closed check valve, E, control valve (gate valve or butterfly valve).Dual Plate Check Valve

     Note: A, slow closed check valve body itself installed with pressure gauges, can no longer set pressure gauge. B, filter settings are difficult, you can not install. Life, production, fire fighting water supply system, the need to stop the pump when the backflow of the media and eliminate or alleviate the resulting water hammer phenomenon, it is appropriate to set the slow closed check valve. Slow closed check valve should be set in the pump exit section, appropriate horizontal installation, valve cover upward. When installed vertically, the bonnet should be outward.Dual Plate Check Valve

     A water pump unit shall be equipped with a set of slow-closed check valve group. The nominal diameter of the brake check valve shall be the same as that of the Guang Lu. Piping must be flushed before installation. The best installation orientation is vertical, and other bearings are also available. Confirm the operating condition of the system. Pressure, caliber, medium, medium temperature, flow. Reasonably select the specification of the slow-closed check valve. Keep the inner cavity of the valve clean during installation. In the case of more impurities in the media, should be more cleaning filter device intranet to keep the valve safe operation.Dual Plate Check Valve

    Check valve According to the structure, can be divided into lift type check valve, swing check valve and butterfly check valve three kinds. Lift type check valve can be divided into vertical and horizontal two kinds. Swing check valve is divided into single, double and multiple three kinds of type. Butterfly Check valve is straight-through.Dual Plate Check Valve