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Daily Maintenance Of All-weather Breathing Valve

Aug 16, 2019

All Weather Breathing Valve 

Breathing valve is a kind of safety valve. It is a ventilation device fixed on the top of the tank to ensure the normal state of the tank pressure, prevent the overpressure or ultra-vacuum in the tank, and damage the tank. It can also reduce the liquid volatilization loss. This valve is usually used with the arrester. 


All-weather fire resistance breathing valve is used to install the main breathing valve safety equipment on crude oil, gasoline, kerosene, light diesel oil, aromatics and other fixed top storage tanks. All-weather fire resistance breathing valve plays the role of evaporation loss and protection against damage of storage tank under overpressure or vacuum. All-weather fire resistance breathing valve also has the characteristics of large ventilation, good sealing performance, small leakage, corrosion resistance and so on. 

Operating pressure:

Type A: +355pa(+36mmH2O) -295pa(-30mmH2O)

Type B: +980pa (+100mmH2O) -295pa (-30mmH2O)

Type C: +1950pa(+200mmH2O) -295pa(-30mmH2O)

Type D:  according to user requirement (special pressure rating)

Daily Maintenance 

In order to ensure the normal use of the all-weather fire-blocking breather valve,

1. The corrugated fire-retardant layer should be removed regularly within 3-6 months, and the cleaning shall be carried out to ensure the smooth flow of each hole on the fire-resistant layer, prevent the blockage and ensure the safe and normal use.

2. Check whether the operation of the positive and negative valve discs is flexible, the contact between the guide rod and the valve disc is damaged, and if the damage is damaged, it should be replaced immediately.

3. When the inspection and maintenance are re-installed, the joint surfaces in the valve shall be closely matched, and the lifting of the valve disc is flexible.

4. When the new valve is on, the shock-proof substance between the valve discs shall be removed before installation, or the breather valve will fail.