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Definition, Working Principle And Maintenance Of Gate Valve

Jul 03, 2017

     Gate valve: Also known as gate valves, Gate valves, is a widely used instrument valve. Working principle: Gate sealing surface and valve seat sealing surface is highly polished, smooth, consistent, processing into a very close, tight seal. The brake plate is formed through the upper and lower pressure of the stem, which leads to the medium and shuts off. It functions as a turn-off in the pipeline. Advantages: The fluid resistance is small; when fully open, the sealing surface is free from erosion, can be used in two-way flow, no directional, strong and durable, not only suitable for small instrument valve, but also can enlarge instrument valve. Disadvantages: High height, long opening and closing time, heavy repair, large diameter gate valve, manual operation is more laborious.Gate Valve
    Gate valve According to the different distinct rod and dark bar type, according to the gate structure of different points of parallel and wedge-type, there is a single gate, double brake board. In heating engineering, it is commonly used in the light rod Wedge type single gate gate valve (Z41h 16c) and the dark pole Wedge type single gate gate valve (Z45T-10), the former is installed in the Heat station once side, the latter is installed in the heat station two times side. It generally plays two functions: as the main equipment switch function, as the auxiliary equipment in the main equipment for maintenance before and after. When the gate valve is installed, do not make the handwheel under the horizontal line (flip), otherwise the medium will be retained in the bonnet, easy to corrode the stem. In the heating project, gate valve used to be the main force in instrument valve. Now with the wide adoption of butterfly valve, valve has been replaced by butterfly valve.
     In the piping system, the valve has a "throat". Valve Maintenance Grease is an important work before the pipeline is put into operation and directly related to the smooth operation. Valve maintenance is the original foreign companies in doing, later, domestic enterprises began in the Shaanxi-Beijing pipeline maintenance maintenance. At present, the operation of the company to become China's petrochemical industry only engaged in the new valve maintenance of the professional team. Previously, in Libya, Central Asia and other countries and regions in the pipeline operation and maintenance, do on-line valve Maintenance technology services, the safe long-term operation of the pipeline has produced good results, the owners alike. Now, in our country pipeline construction each station yard, can see wears "the oil to put into production" the technical service personnel work figure.Gate Valve
     In order to ensure smooth information, the Project Department unified Communication tools and set up a network information platform, so that information unimpeded and accurate, for the decision-making plan to provide a quick platform. The project department has developed a complete system for every detail of the grease-filling work of valve maintenance, including salary, attendance, outside requirements, vehicle management, and segregation of duties. The Project department divides the department personnel, assigns the resident station personnel, the reasonable cloth point, strict management, reward; Encourage staff to put forward rationalization proposals, reduce the difficulty of construction, improve the efficiency of construction, in the case of tight deadlines, large tasks and poor working conditions, reasonable division of the construction stages, to ensure the quality of construction, won the owners and supervisors and other highly evaluation.Gate Valve