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Description Of Working Status Of Ultra - Low Temperature Globe Valve

Oct 11, 2017

Low temperature cut-off valve Low temperature shut-off valve usually refers to the operating temperature below -110 ℃ valve, widely used in liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and other low temperature industry. Globe Valve At present can be made for the temperature of -196 ℃ cut-off valve, all parts of the liquid nitrogen for low temperature pretreatment, completely avoid the use of sealing deformation during the leak. Ultra-low temperature shut-off valve is used in low temperature conditions of the cut-off equipment, the general operating temperature below -100 ℃. Low temperature industry occupies an important position in the industrial field, natural gas, for example, in order to make natural gas more convenient transportation, The gasification of natural gas is converted to liquefied natural gas (LNG) by means of cooling and compression. The boiling point is -162 ° C at standard atmospheric pressure and 600 times the volume after gasification.Globe Valve

At room temperature under the application of the valve, the choice of a wide range of materials. Ultra-low temperature valve operating conditions in the -100 ℃ below the requirements of the material is more stringent. At the working temperature, the material should not produce low temperature brittle damage, the material structure should be stable to prevent the material phase change caused by volume changes; the use of welded structure, the material welding performance is better, at low temperatures have a higher weld Reliability; valve in the low temperature conditions, frequent opening and closing, the valve flap, stem, seat and other parts should avoid jamming, bite and scratches and so on.Globe Valve After low temperature test and coating mechanical properties test, it is proved that the hardness increases after spraying, the low temperature environment wear resistance is good, and promotes the reliable sealing of the valve in low temperature environment. After inspection and experimental application, we sprayed StelliteNo6 alloy on the sealing surface of the valve body by plasma spray welding technique. The StelliteNo12 alloy was sprayed on the sealing surface of the valve. The thickness was ≥1mm. After the spray welding process, attached to the StelliteNo12 alloy valve sealing surface hardness than StelliteNo6 alloy attached to the valve body sealing surface hardness, is conducive to the sealing effect of the valve.Globe Valve