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Do You Know The Advantages About The Lift Check Valve ?

Sep 12, 2019

What the advantages about Stainless steel wafer type single disc lift check valve?  


The lift check valve refers to a valve which is automatically opened and closed by the flow of the medium, and is used for preventing the backflow of the medium, also known as a check valve, a one-way valve, a counter-current valve and a back pressure valve.


Lift check valve is an automatic valve, its main function is to prevent media backflow, prevent pump and drive motor reversal, as well as container medium discharge.


When the medium flows into the valve body as shown by the body arrow, the pressure of the medium acts on the disc to produce upward thrust, and when the medium thrust is greater than the disc gravity, the valve opens.

When the force of the rear medium pressure on the disc and the gravity of the disc itself is greater than the force of the pre-valve pressure on the disc, the valve closes to prevent the media from flowing back.


H41H, H41 wafer type single disc lift check valve stainless steel non return valve has the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation and convenient maintenance.