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Dual Plate Wafer Type Swing Check Valve

Mar 03, 2021

Dual Plate Wafer Type Valve

The check valve dual plate wafer type is an automatically opened valve that only allows the medium to flow in the same direction and prevents reverse flow. Automatically open and close when there has pressure generated, no need to handle or other actuation control. Under the action of the pressure flowing in the same direction, the discs are opened, so that the medium can flow in the pipeline; conversely, when the medium flows in the opposite direction, the pressure generated by the medium and the weight of the valve discs act on the seat. When the valve is closed, the check valve will cut off the flow, thereby achieving the effect of backstop and media backflow. Its main function is to prevent backflow of the medium, prevent the pump and drive motor from reversing, and release the container medium. 

Dual Plate Check Valves have been used successfully in following plants

Oil & Gas;
Power Generation
Onshore and Offshore;
Chemical Plant;
Waste Incineration;
Water System;
teel Industry;
General industry;

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