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Explosion Proof Flame Arrester-Vent Cage

Apr 23, 2020

Explosion Proof Flame Arrester-Vent Cage

The explosion-proof fire-proof air-breathing cap is an indispensable equipment for gas station small oil tank air-breathing. When the oil tank is fed, it is air-breathing through the fire-proof corrugated plate. When the oil tank is discharged inside and outside, it is air-breathing into the tank, and preventing all fire sources from passing through from then on It can also be used at the end of some vertical pipes. Our company produces explosion-proof fire-proof air-breathing cap whose core fire-proof layer is refined by advanced technology abroad. It has the advantages of compact structure, strong fire-proof performance and convenient installation and cleaning. 

Suitable Scope:

Flame arrester ventilation cap is used for urban industrial and mining enterprises,gas stations,and it's an important accessory. Be installated in the tank(or pumping delivery valve not over 25m²/h of light oil on a small tank).
The breathable cap should be installed vertically on the top of the tank to ensure the balance of pressure inside and outside the tank. so as to ensure the safety of tanks and gas stations.